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We are a team of Lawyers in Aurangabad, Providing solutions in respect of legal issues. We handle litigations in various courts in Maharashtra, as well as the Supreme Court of India.
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We are happy to provide legal consultation, advising, and litigation services in the following, amongst others, practice areas.
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Divorce lawyer in aurangabad

Lawyer and Advocate in Aurangabad- Chawre Vakil

Chawre Vakil is one of the best full-service law firms in Aurangabad. In the fields of admiralty, business, criminal, matrimonial, commercial, real estate, and dispute resolution, we have a broad range of legal services. We offer advice to a wide variety of domestic and foreign clients.

Anand Chawre

BSL ( Dr BAM University, Aurangabad ) LLM ( Mumbai University, Mumbai ) MCIArb ( Chartered Institute Of Arbitration, London ).

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P K Chawre

Retired Principal District Judge And Advocate


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The values that direct us in all of our client interactions and motivate our practise around the company…
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Lawyer in Aurangabad has Areas Of Practice as Follows:


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and is….

Banking, and Financial Laws

Banking and finance law….

Business Law

The term “business law,” also known as “commercial law” or “corporate law,” refers to….

Cyber Laws

Cyber law, sometimes referred to as Internet law, is a branch of the legal system….

Drafting and conveyance

The drafting refers to the…

Divorce Law and Settlements

The law asks a husband….


Litigation is a legal procedure for resolving disagreements in a courtroom. Litigation, for example…

Laws Relating To Trusts

Trusts are formed for beneficiaries. Persons ….

Partnership Laws

Partnership is a relation between two…

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate and Construction….

Society And Co-Operative Laws

Formation, regulation, conduct….

Tenancy Laws

Renting a home can be a difficult process. A part of landlord-tenant law is….

Due Diligence and legal audit

A due diligence and legal audit is a test….

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